Artist Robert W. Haynes
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Upcoming Exhibition!

The Kelly Gallery at
The Packwood House Museum
15 North Water Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10-5
April 4-18, 2015
April 4 • 5-8pm

Exhibit Preview

My goal has always been to bring to all projects, (whether that be a small residential application or a large corporate project) an original design that is truly unique, but still simply compliments and helps complete the space.

 Custom rugs are not the most important element in any given interior, but they can certainly be the most dramatic. Custom rugs are textiles (soft) that add much needed warmth to the mixture of cooler materials in formal, large (and getting larger) interior spaces.

 One important element in many projects has been working with designers and clients who have their own creative ideas. It has always been a pleasure to help the group process along to a successful result.


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